Follow up on IWORKU

Bonjour mes amis,

I got two questions from freelancers who would like to try IWORKU. Let’s check them out.

Q: why should I come to IWORKU? What additional benefits can I get here?

A: Good question. Different from freelancer, upwork and fiverr etc, IWORKU is exclusively for Chinese market, few Chinese trading company knows the former three websites due to many causes, like server problem, language barrier and reliable source.

So on IWORKU,  You are exposed to the whole Chinese market, more job opportunities, fewer local competitors, more likely to improve your personal skills, different industries, different products, great diversity. More importantly, much easier to build up your freelance career with IWORKU, simply starting with your native language skill and location advantage, representing Chinese companies to make a local call or pay a local visit.

Q: you are a startup, How can I trust you and know I’m protected?

A: yes right, can totally relate to your concern. But no worries, the payment procedure is completely safe like any other platforms, IWORKU,as a platform, protects both buyers’ and freelancers’ rights. Post what you can offer and buyers will come to you, IWORKU will release the payment once the service is confirmed 100% satisfied by the buyer.

Getting started is hard, but you will never know what it could bring if you just keep thinking about it.


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