3 lessons I’ve learned from my freelancelife

I became a freelance graphic designer after quitting my routine job due to various reasons which I believe most of you can relate to.

At first, I did it all on my own, marketing in my social circle, getting very few orders, no guarantee of payment or orders. There were cases that clients delayed payments after service was completed, no replies even for follow-up. Then it ended nowhere

The first lesson I learned is that to make terms clear at the very first step when I was unpaid for my first work by the excuse that the work is for trial use.


The second lesson I acquired is that to accumulate sources before you start freelancing so that you don’t stress yourself out for lack of clients.


The last but not the least, prepare funds that can support you for 3-6 months and make yourself psychologically ready for the upcoming challenges, making a well-thought plan since you are not going to get paid for drinking coffee beside computer.coffee-1276778_640


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