My freelance tips for being a freelance editor

I‘ve been an editor for years before I quitted my job to be a freelancer in pursuit of better time management.

At first, I had very few clients, let alone completed orders, fortunately, I had survived that tough period by savings and income from leasing my house.

After getting friends’ recommendation and endorsements, I was starting to get more and more clients, so did my side income. and I’ve been working on my own for 3 years now.
Freelancing requires you to be highly self-disciplined. for example, you have to push yourself to find clients and reliable sources to cooperate, to make sure service completed as scheduled.

coffee-1246511_640Being a freelancer doesn’t mean you’re free from worries or troubles unless you do well on self-discipline.

To better discipline yourself, you need:
1, monitor yourself, know when will be the best time for you to work.
2, keep learning, expand your skills, but be sure you’re specialized in one single filed.
3, start from what you’re good at and most familiar with, exploring sources.

From my experience, there are also some downsides of freelancing, say, I need to write a letter explaining my profession when applying passport since I’m not employed by any company.

As an old Chinese says going, every coin has two sides, no pains, no gains, it’s all up to you and what your heart says.



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