Your freelancing site in 2017

what’s up freelancers, thanks for joining us, today we’re gonna give you more info on how to make money on IWORKU

Let’s start with a brief introduction

Who we are and what we do

IWORKU is a freelancing marketplace that provides overseas freelancers local job opportunities from chinese exporting companies.

We aim to help freelancers make money by providing local support for chinese companies with their local background.

Therefore jobs we offer are mainly business-related, such as sales and marketing, data collection, market research, local call and local visit,

translation, interpretation and proofreading, web design, graphic design and SEO, voiceover and spokesperson, video-making, data entry etc.

Those jobs are simple and easy which don’t take much of your time or energy, so you can take it either part-time or full-time.

We also welcome freelancers with other expertise to join us for potentials.


Then who can be our users

As we said, the whole point is to use local background to support chinese companies business activities abroad, so as long as you meet the two requirements,

You’re qualified:

1, know well about the local market and can use english for basic communication

2, responsible for your clients, can provide quality service

Probably you still want to ask one more question before joining.

Is it for free? or do i need to pay for anything?

That’s what I’m gonna explain, it’s free to join and bid jobs, we only charge 10% procedure fee after successful transaction.

So how to start then?

Good question, so I’m gonna show you how to register, how to complete personal info, how to post service, how to get jobs, how to get paid and how to withdraw money.


So here we go

You can go register here: (the invitation code is optional) Then you can choose to post a service or browse the website first, we recommend you post service first because clients would rather buy services than post by his own.

So to post a service, you need to:

  1. activate your email
  2. complete your personal profile

After that, you can post service you can offer, please note that you can post multiple services, so don’t worry if you are not sure what to post.

Next, you can go to the buyer section and check out those jobs posted and participate in bidding for jobs you want. once you win the bid, iworku will send you email notification.

So you can start working, payment will be made when transaction is completed and confirmed by both parties.

For payment, paypal and alipay are preferred but if you don’t have these, we can also do payoneer and bank transfer. no worries. 10% procedure fee charged by IWORKU after successful transaction.

As for withdrawal, it can be completed within one week.


Welcome to join us for free all freelancers.





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