First freelancejob on IWORKU as a college student



The job was to attend the 18th Beijing international flower exhibition on behalf of a Colombian flower farm.

They couldn’t present there for various reasons, so posted a request on IWORKU.

We were both college students,studying in Beijing and happened to encounter this opportunity and we were confident that we would make it.we got the contact info, company introduction and products catalog and we knew very clear what our client wanted to get out of this service.

They wanted to make their hydrangea stand out and get as much attention as possible from wholesalers there. so we designed and printed out a suitable show-board and placed beside another company as planned.


300USD Earned with our satisfying services, also 200USD reward

We did thorough research about flower industry and prepared ourselves well for possible questions and concerns which made sure correct and sufficient info conveyed.

All went well and the Colombian client was quite surprised with the results reached by this exhibition service. they thanked us for our customized show-board design and well-prepared knowledge and suggested awarding us extra 200USD.

We are very content with the 300USD payment as discussed earlier, very fair price, so we declined their kind offer.

Great experience, will stay active and offer more services on IWORKU

This is our first order on IWORKU and we would like to do more and get more freelance jobs here , we put client’s satisfaction first and continue improving ourselves for more job opportunities on IWORKU.




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