What you can get out of $30? enormous!

Hire freelancers on IWORKU to collect clients info

We planned to go to Poland to meet one of our clients in December and thus wanted to meet more local dealers, so we hired one Polish freelancer on IWORKU in advance.

Less than 2 months after getting back to China, one of the dealers we met in Poland has already placed a 40 High Cubic order with us.

How come we got order success so quickly?

Firstly, we have a great and passionate sales team that devoted to the whole process from local market research to follow-up after the exhibition. we led the campaign and had always be the core of it.

Secondly, we divided the work into two parts, one done by ourselves and the other by local Polish freelancer.

To make sure the outsourcing job done perfectly by freelancer, we made the task doable and requirements detailed, easy to get more bidders and choose the best suitable one.

Last but not least, the chosen Polish freelancer made it perfectly, easy and efficient communication, he helped connect us with polish dealers and build up trust between us, saving us a lot of time and costs.



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